Duke Skywalker

Devon O’Rielly at Facial Abuse

Gloria Gags does Facial Abuse:

Epic puker.  I knew I should have bought stock in Febreeze ten years ago when we started this.  We buy that shit buy the pallet at Costco.

Mika Tan & Max Mikita: From the Facial Abuse archives 

Sex Feene: her second time at Ghetto Gaggers.  Feel free to file this gem under “things you can’t unsee”

From the Facial Abuse archives, Hellga

Yet another stupid whore covered in even stupider tattoos…

Palette cleanser after Ashley Starr... this hot latina Crystal Lopez at Latina Abuse.  This stupid whore only does anal because her boyfriend Richard (see tit) told her to.  Fuckin’ Richard… what a dick!

Ashley Starr, female body builder, does Ghetto Gaggers

Wait… I thought the Hulk was supposed to be green? Fuckin affirmative action man. Now everything has to be black…Next thing you know, Iron Man will have tits.